Worth 1,000 Words

We know what you’re thinking right now…

I would love my yard to look like that so I could entertain my friends and enjoy some refreshing beverages during this perfect Pure Michigan summer.

Close? Pictures are powerful. And though you may not have had that exact train of thought, we’re sure something stirred in your mind as your brain processed those images. Good or bad, images create an instant emotion on your website before one word of content is ever read.

Are the images on your website reflecting your products, services, stories, and target audience? What first impression or emotion is conveyed by the images on your site?

Here are some ideas of how you can use an image slider on your site:

  • Before-and-after photos – show off your work!
  • New products – Don’t just tell about them, show them!
  • Happy clients – You must have people enjoying your products/services, right?
  • Latest menu items (restaurants) – make those mouths water so people come in!
  • Staff – create credibility and trust.
  • Events – show pictures of people having fun at your event. Close up, smiling photos are best.
  • Yourself in action! – Photos of you doing what you do best like teaching, interacting with clients, creating, etc.
  • Environment – new building, offices, product showroom, etc.

All sites on the Rumspeed Network have the cool photo gallery slider you see above! If you would like to add it to any of your pages, let us know.

Send us your pictures with a brief description and we’ll take care of it!

Include any additional content to support the images in the gallery and we’ll create a great service page or blog post to showcase your work. For sliders, it’s best to limit your photos to 3 – 5 per each content section. We’ll help you discern what’s best for your website.

Remember, we’re your partner online.  🙂


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