Top 5 Reasons to Modernize Your Website

Is your website designed for you or your visitors? If your website isn’t working for you, it’s not helping your business grow. A lot has changed in web design and the overall way we use the internet. Even more has changed with the way search engines view and rank your site. Even if your website was brand new a few years ago, it’s pretty likely that it’s not performing (or ranking) as it once did. Here are our top 5 reasons why small businesses should strongly consider modernizing their websites.

1. Modern Websites Keep Things Simple

    • Content – People don’t “read,” they scan. It’s important to streamline your content – use lists, headings, striking images and white space. A solid design will lend itself to clear content.
    • Navigation – All items should be easily found in your navigation menu, not hundreds of links throughout your site. Today’s users know to search the menu so they can find the information they need (nothing more) fast.
    • Call-to-Action – Simply implementing a button or large slogan can increase your conversion rate. These elements appeal to your visitors and were not used very much several years ago. Today’s websites motivate users to make a move.

Responsive Web Design2. Modern Websites are Responsive

When your website is mobile responsive, all the elements of your site – menus, graphics, headers, and content respond to different screen sizes by flowing into column format for easier viewing. This allows for your website to be easily viewed on small notebooks, tablets and phones without content shrinkage, overlap, clutter and  horizontal scrolling. When a website is not mobile responsive, your visitors have two options. 1) Go to a competitor website that is mobile friendly or 2) Come back later when they’re at a desktop computer – that is, if they remember.

3. Modern Websites = Better Search Engine Rankings

Google’s algorithm changes in 2013 started directly affecting sites that do not cater to mobile device users. If your site isn’t mobile responsive – your search rankings will be penalized. As Google explains it: they want to assure a good user experience regardless of the platform. If your competitors are offering this option and you aren’t, be prepared for your organic traffic to decrease.

4. Modern Websites Load Faster

2secondtimerWith the availability of cloud hosting, and a platform that is optimized for fast page loads such as Rumspeed’s Modernized Website, today’s websites should have no lag time. Again, if search engines are ranking highest the sites that give the user the best experience, a site with a slow load time (large images, flash graphics, poor servers) will be quickly bumped in search engine rankings.

5. Modern Websites Stay Fresh

No longer are the days where you can launch a website and forget about it. Search engines are constantly combing sites for new content; those that offer fresh information are going to rank higher. With a website from Rumspeed, we take this to heart. We are your online partner and will keep your site updated for you. Simply send us an email of content you would like added to your site and we’ll post it! We also can give you plenty of ideas for content so it becomes second nature to you. We’re your online partner!

With a managed, modern website from Rumspeed, you get all of the above. And to top it off, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer support. It makes us happy to see your online presence increasing your business. Count on us as your website partner!

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