Showcase Your Testimonials

Testimonials can help to gain new customers AND are a great way to keep content fresh on your website. Having testimonials on your website can persuade people to consider doing business with you. And, every time you add new content to your website, it makes search engines happy – and they remember you. 🙂

How to Gather Testimonials…

  • Send out a simple satisfaction survey. This helps you to know how you’re doing and where you can improve. This can be a simple email – “How are we doing? How can we improve?” Send us the responses. We’ll publish!
  • Include a submission form on your website. Did you know Rumspeed can develop a custom form, right on your website? Just request it!
  • Make a few phone calls to your favorite customers and ask them to email you a few reasons why they enjoy doing business with you. Send them to us. We’ll publish!
  • Did you help someone solve a problem? Ask them to write a brief testimonial about how you helped. Send it to us, we’ll publish!
  • Have a great before and after photo? Combine this with a testimony for more credibility. Send it to us. We’ll publish!
  • Steady business is proof that you are keeping your customers happy and providing great customer service! In fact, most of your loyal customers would probably LOVE to give you a testimonial. So take a few minutes to gather some, and let’s get it on your website!

**Shiny & New**

All clients on the Rumspeed network can now display their testimonials in a way that pops! We have new styling for your testimonials. Wouldn’t you like to have some of these on your site? Just send us the testimonies and we’ll publish. We’re your online partner!


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