Don’t let your website get stale

Content publishing is part of our service

We want you to succeed. We’re your partners online and we are here to help publish content to make sure your site stays fresh. It doesn’t take long for your visitors to see the decay in your online presence with outdated photos, old content and maybe even inaccurate hours of operation due to seasonal changes. Once they notice it, they will soon be on to the next one. Meaning, heading over to your competitors to look for what they need. If they find it, you loose out. It happens real fast online without even knowing it. Opportunity lost.

Send us your new content, we’ll publish it

We designed a web publishing platform around a service model that has been refined year after year. Most companies are just to busy to keep their website updated so we built a platform to offer content updates at an affordable price. We not only publish what you send us, we do it with consistency. You can send us updates and we’ll take care of them for you. We maintain the design consistency by using the same modern formatting features we use when your site is published. What we want to avoid is a site that looks messy because someone is “just putting the content on the site”. Yes, it’s important to get it there, but equally important is the way it’s published.

We monitor your website for results

Our custom dashboard tells us how stale your content is. We monitor site activity as part of our ongoing relationship. In order for your site to continue to be relevant, we need to publish new content. If you haven’t sent anything to us in a while, we know about it and pro-actively contact you for something new. We’ve been told we’re crazy for doing it but that’s the promise we make to you when you decide to have us work for you. We take pride in what we do and we back it up.

Our average is 16 days…

“The average number of days since the last content update for all of our sites is 16 days. When was the last time your website was updated?

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